“I took my first class and was hooked immediately . After discovering Core Studio, I went every single day and lost 35 pounds in 4 months.”
— Victor
“Core Studio’s SPX classes are like Pilates on steroids, and they will whip your muscles into shape in no time!”
— Amy
“Core SPX classes are definitely the best, hardest (yet, gentle), most-effective workout I have ever done.”
— Dani
“Core Studio kicked my booty in ways I haven’t felt in a long time! So. Sore. But. I. Love. It!”
— Giselle
“This isn’t your mom’s pilates! Don’t come here if you just want to pretend to work out. Come here to sweat and work your muscles until they shake…”
— Sean
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Team Spotlight

Kate is passionate about fitness and she loves living the healthy Bay Area lifestyle but also believes that life is about enjoying yourself and that piece of cake too!