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Core Studio™ is dedicated to creating a fun and energizing environment that is a journey for the Mind, Body and Core.

We believe that great customer service, a beautiful and clean studio, state of the art equipment, and amazing trainers are key to creating the best fitness experience for our clients. Through our passion for health, fitness and service, we believe that each 50-minute class can be transformed into an amazing experience every time and that health and fitness can be a way of life, not a luxury.

We now have two locations to help you get fit. Our first studio and the first Lagree Fitness center in the Bay Area is located right in the heart of Palo Alto in the Midtown Shopping Center. The second studio is located in San Mateo in the Laurelwood Shopping Center. Both Core Studio™ locations bring the intensity of SPX Fitness™ and RealRyder™ Indoor Cycling to the San Francisco Bay Area. All of Core Studio’s SPX Fitness instructors are personally trained and certified by SPX Fitness creator, Sebastien Lagree, and RealRyder’s Master Trainer, Adam Reid, to ensure proper technique and form.

Core SPX is a fifty-minute, total body, muscle-shaking, shirt-drenching workout. The Core SPX workout combines elements of pilates, cardio training and weight-bearing activity to create a revolutionary, total body exercise program.

Core Studio™ was the first fitness studio in the San Francisco Bay Area to carry the state of the art Megaformer, which was created upon the principles of pilates. The Megaformer’s spring resistance incorporates aspects of resistance training to tone and strengthen muscles without stressing the joints and spine, and provides constant resistance and infinitely more exercise options than a traditional pilates reformer. The Megaformer allows for the building of strength, endurance, mobility and flexibility in a concerted manner creating a strong, lean, and sculpted body.

RealRyder™ Indoor Cycling is the new era of indoor cycling. The RealRyder turns, tilts and leans as you ride, providing the fluid sensation of an outdoor road bike. As you move through an expanded range of dynamic, functional movements, you get a more comprehensive, functional total body workout — with special emphasis on activating essential core muscles.

Come experience the next evolution in total body fitness at Core Studio!

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