After her first megaformer class, Nadia decided she didn’t want to come back because it was too hard. Alas, she had already purchased a class pack and came back anyway. A year later, she’s still here and now teaching.

Nadia grew up an active kid – doing mostly bodyweight exercises such as dancing and hiking. In her other adult life, she continued with more hiking/trekking, rock climbing and teaching/doing yoga, in addition to her full time job at a tech company. She felt herself plateauing in her physical progress and wanted to improve her strength. So she finally caved into doing traditional reformer pilates, before discovering the benefits of the Megaformer.

Don’t be fooled by Nadia’s quiet nature – she will still challenge you physically. Nadia aims to have her classes be engaging and mindful (her inner yoga instructor), but powerful and invigorating.

Classes Nadia teaches: Core SPX

Nadia is available for Private Training. For more information, email