Taylor Human movement has always been a fascinating subject for Taylor. As a natural born athlete, she has always strived to move in all ways humanly possible with power and finesse. After hearing a dear friend talk about Core Studio like a religion, she decided to try it out. The burn in her muscles and clarity of her mind left her hungry for learning more about movement patterns on the Megaformer.

Taylor fills her active lifestyle with weightlifting, hiking, and trying out new ways to move athletically (tricking, acro yoga, etc.). As for her occupation, she works as a full-time fitness professional. Taylor firmly believes that all individuals should challenge themselves mentally and physically everyday. In doing so, they will be more spatially aware with their bodies to maneuver through life’s obstacles.

Classes Taylor Teaches: Core SPX, Core Cycle and Core 30/30

Taylor is available for Private Training. For more information, email team@corestudiospx.com.