vanAfter playing tennis all throughout high school, Van tried to stay active in college and beyond by trying various exercises like boxing/kickboxing, pilates, step classes, swimming, spinning, half marathons and many more. Van first discovered Core SPX while living in San Diego in 2010 and was immediately hooked. The intense and challenging classes kept Van going, and after every class she always felt that she had gotten a great workout. Van loves that she can get strength and cardio all in one package, and that the classes are always different so it keeps her on her toes. When Van moved up to northern California, she was hoping to continue doing SPX and was thrilled to find Core Studio! Van is excited to join the Core Studio team and to teach SPX because she wants to show others the wonderful benefits SPX has given her.

Classes Van teaches: Core SPX, Core Cycle and Core 30/30

Van is available for Private Training. For more information, email