The Workout

Class Descriptions

Core SPX

Our Core SPX class is an SPX Fitness™ class that works the entire body in just 50 minutes!  Core SPX is a core targeted, high-octane, shirt-drenching workout that strengthens your body, tightens your muscles, burns fat, improves endurance, and jump-starts your metabolism.  In addition, this quick and effective workout allows you to stay focused and get the most out of every minute.  The composition of this method is significant in that it encourages maximum exertion with minimal risk of injury.  Core SPX is more than a 50 minute workout – it’s a journey for your Mind, Body and Core!

Core Cycle

We’re taking the training wheels off of this one!  After 20 years of indoor cycling – stationary bikes are finally getting a face lift – and the look is RealRyder™!

RealRyder™ Cycling is the next era in indoor cycling.   Our Core Cycle class is a 50 minute ride on our exclusive RealRyder™ bikes, the only indoor bikes that have a unique, articulating frame that allows YOU to steer, lean, and feel like you’re on an actual road bike!  Experience a 5-in-1 workout for the whole body – not simply legs and cardio, but also upper body, core muscle groups, and balance.  Our Core Cycle class allows you to burn 20% more calories for the same ride!

Core 30/30

Available only at Core Studio, this 60 minute hybrid class of SPX™ + RealRyder™ is not for the feint of heart! First fire up your body and core with a cardio burn on the RealRyders™ that tilt and lean to make you sweat and stay both mentally and physically engaged. Then finish off your workout with 30 minutes of SPX to strengthen, lengthen, tighten and tone your entire body! Core 30/30 shalt leave no muscle untouched!

Core Barre

Our Core Barre is a ballet based program which applies the fundamentals of Pilates and yoga with dance, helping to strengthen and sculpt the body.  Unlike other barre programs, Core Barre does not rely primarily on isometric muscle contractions but instead incorporates more functional movement.  Core Barre burns fat, tones the entire body, and works on creating a tighter physique.  So, say “hello” to Core Barre and “good-bye” to cellulite and belly fat!

Core Barre + Cycle

Core Barre + Cycle = Major Cardio!  Chisel every inch of your body with this revolutionary 60 minute fat-blasting class designed to rev up your heart-rate while you strengthen, lengthen and tone your muscles.  Core Barre + Cycle will take you to your limits with 30 minutes of Core Cycle on the RealRyder™ followed by 30 minutes of fat-busting, thigh thinning Core Barre, leaving you with a healthy inner and outer glow!  Designed for maximum calorie burn, come prepared to sweat!