The Workout

RealRyder Indoor Cycling

After two decades of stationary cycling, it’s time to get “unstationary” with RealRyder® Indoor Cycling. Finally, you can train in a way that’s both functional and fun, while working your entire body as a cohesive unit on an indoor bike. This is the way our bodies are designed to move… and ride!

The RealRyder® Indoor Cycle turns, tilts and leans as you ride, providing the fluid sensation of an outdoor road bike. As you move through an expanded range of dynamic, functional movements, you get a more comprehensive, functional total body workout — with special emphasis on activating essential core muscles.

Spark change in your body to lose those last few pounds or gain your competitive edge to achieve an athletic goal with a joint-friendly workout that delivers results quickly and efficiently.

Propel your body to the next level with a RealRyder® Indoor Cycling Class at Core Studio:

• Burn 20% more calories per hour compared to traditional stationary bikes
• Activate core muscles the entire time you ride
• Engage more muscles than you would on a traditional spinning bike
• Improve speed and power with a variety of dynamic, functional movements
• Tone and strengthen your upper & lower body
• Increase endurance and stamina with a cardio workout that’s fun
• Overcome boredom with the fun, fluid movement you feel on an outdoor bike


The innovative RealRyder® ABF8 Stationary Bike provides a much needed overhaul to one of the most popular and versatile pieces of fitness equipment on the market, the indoor bike.

Originally the indoor bike was designed to simulate riding a real bike and it is understandable that in those early stages what was created was essentially a pedaling machine. However, somewhere along the line manufacturers of indoor bikes became stagnant and settled on only making slight improvements to these pedaling machines (stationary bikes). The designer of the RealRyder, Colin Irving, an avid and competitive cyclist realized this obvious flaw and set out to make the first dramatic improvement to the indoor bike. The result is the RealRyder® ABF8 what we like to call the first unstationary-stationary bike.

No longer will a person’s workout be limited to lower body and cardio; no longer will someone’s involvement be determined by their ability to imagine that they are moving. The RealRyder® ABF8 Stationary Bike mimics the real biking experience far better than any other indoor bike on the market ever has, because it leans and turns like an outdoor bike.

Furthermore, this movement has many benefits outside of just feel, namely its inherent ability to target muscle groups previously ignored by other indoor bikes. These improvements alone would represent the most dramatic step forward since the first indoor cycle hit the market. The RealRyder ABF8 Stationary Bike is the revolutionary indoor cycling bike that you have been waiting for.